What Kind of Day Has it Been?

Today is the end of my time here at Gotham. This past week has involved a lot of endings for me- end of classes, end of college, end of Gotham. Soon it will be the end of 2014, which to be honest I am pretty pleased about- this year was garbage. I feel sad that things will be different for me going forward, because I don’t like change, but I am also excited about the future. My life is full of possibilities, for the first time in a long time, and it is a pretty nice feeling.

I will miss coming into Gotham a lot. It is surprisingly hard to express. I will miss the people, all of whom I have grown to love very much, and I will miss just the regularity of having someplace to go and having a job to do. It was a lovely place to intern, and by far the most pleasant work experience I have had so far. It will also be harder for me to keep writing without the structure of the class, but I am optimistic that I will continue to stick with it. All in all this has been a fantastic experience for me, and I am feel very lucky that I got to be here at Gotham, doing cool things and meeting lovely people.

There are a lot of changes happening in my life right now, but weirdly I am not that emotional. I have noticed this happens a lot in life.The big moments are never what you expect them to be. Its not as if you wake up one day, graduate college, and become a completely different person. It is something that happens gradually, over time, and you only notice it in retrospect. I often think something is a major turning point, only to then realize that I was wrong. Real changes only happen when you are not paying attention. In real life there are no series finales- the show never really ends.

I think the key to a happy life is not so much about what you’re doing. Its more about the fact that you are doing something at all. Productivity is key. If you are busy, and feel like you are accomplishing something with your day, I think you are generally happier. I do not know how true this is for everyone, but it is definitely true for me. So that, I guess, is my goal going into a year where nothing is certain: stay busy.

Anyways, I am sorry for waxing philosophical and making metaphors and all that jazz. Thank you very much for reading, whoever you are. I had a lot of fun writing this all semester, even if it was a dialogue with no one. I hope 2015 brings only good things for all of you. I hope everyone goes outside and eats sweets and meets awesome people who make life seem worth it. And I hope everyone keeps writing, or at the very least keeps creating cool things. If you are reading this and I know you in real life, I hope we keep in touch, cause chances are good that I think you are really dope and like you a lot (unless you are Kyle, then I think you’re lame.(JK Kyle, you’re alright))

Anyways, Happy Christmas/Chanukah/non-denominational winter holiday!



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